Langham Hotel

The 5 star Langham hotel is the grand dame of London establishments. Opened in 1865 and styled on a Renaissance palace, the hotel has reputedly the most haunted hotel room in the country. There are five ghosts that regularly make an appearance at the hotel.

There’s the figure of a man in military dress, who stands by a window on the fourth floor, said to be the ghost of a German prince who jumped out of the window before the first world war. There’s also a ghostly butler, still trying to attend to his guests on the third floor.

Then there’s the ghost with a gaping wound in his face, who tends to loiter in the corridors… oh, and the ghost of Napoleon III (a former guest) is said to haunt the basement.

But the most common ghostly sighting is a man in Victorian evening wear in room 333. He appears during October. He apparently walks towards guests while they lay in their beds, his arms outstretched and eyes empty, before vanishing into thin air.

The legend goes that a doctor killed his new wife in that room, and then took his own life: it seems he is unwilling, or unable, to leave.