Village of Pluckley

Pluckley village in Kent was awarded the Guinness Book of Records title of “most haunted village in Britain”, and for good reason. Over fifteen ghosts call Pluckley home, these include a highwayman killed during a swordfight, a schoolmaster found hanged by a group of children and an old Gypsy woman who burned to death in a fire who appears on the bridge casually smoking a pipe. There is also the specter of a horse-drawn carriage that rides through the village accompanied by the eerie sound of horses hooves. Along with a haunted pub, brickworks and cemetery, just south of the village lies the “Screaming Woods”, also known as Pluckley forest, from which villagers and visitors alike regularly hear the sound of the blood-curdling screams made by wandering souls of long dead men and women who became lost in the forest.

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