Houska Castle of the Czech Republic

Houska Castle of the Czech Republic was built with only one purpose: to encase the Gateway to Hell.

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Built in the middle of nowhere, this imposing Gothic structure was constructed with no fortifications, no water, and no kitchen. When it was completed in the 13th century, it had no occupants. Instead, the castle is fortified inwards, with its chapel built over a huge, bottomless pit acclaimed to be the entrance to Hell. Its sole purpose is to keep the Devil and his demons at bay.

Historic witness reports attest to demonic half-animal, half man creatures dragging themselves out from its depths. Others reports describe dark, winged creatures pouring out from the endless chasm in order to terrorise the local populace.

According to local legend, when construction on the castle began local prisoners who were sentenced to death were recruited to discover more about the mysterious hole. If they allowed themselves to be lowered by rope into is dark depths they would receive a pardon. However, when the first of the inmates was lowered, he began screaming after just a few moments. Those holding the rope dragged him back to the surface. The man had wrinkles and his hair had turned white. In a few mere seconds, he had aged by over 30 years. The unfortunate man died of unknown causes a few days afterwards.

During the 1930s, the Nazis supposedly occupied the castle so as to conduct occult experiments with dimensional portals. Years later, during renovations, several Nazi officer skeletons were found there.

In the modern day, the castle’s ghostly, as well as demonic, residents are well-known and have attracted many paranormal enthusiasts. Sightings include mysterious beasts, a headless black horse and a distressed spectral woman. Beneath the cellar it is claimed that there are non-human remains of the demons who have managed to claw their way out of Hell.

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