Cleaning Crew

Not much to say. I was young and working for a disaster restoration company we specialized in fire and water damage cleanup and repair. One day we where offered a shot at a suicide cleanup and it was lucrative to say the least. There is an unfortunate whole in the process because if you die and the coroner takes the body the mess is left to the family to clean or the landlord etc. Well not many people want to do that so we had a niche market and it paid well. The boss asked if anyone wanted to do it and everyone was hesitant until he offered a 500 dollars per job. Yep count me in. We would don the gloves and mask and apart everything down with a disinfectant spray wait a bit and start the cleanup process. It was nasty work. I saw some gruesome stuff but it was mostly sad.

The first job was a murder suicide at a motel. It was a small black man and a huge black woman. He had killed her with shot gun to the head and then ate it himself and blew his brains against the ceiling and wall. She was laid out on the bed and had started to leak and he was on top slightly off center. The bodies were gone when we got there but the brains were all over the bed and the walls and ceiling and so was the blood. It’s a bitch to clean. I cleaned a car once that had a man in it for two months. The rental company had rented the old man a car and he never returned. They found him in a cotton field. His windows were rolled down an inch and the flies and bugs had gotten to him. When we got the car it was stripped but he had used a shotgun ( it’s always a shotgun ) and shot himself through his mouth. The skull deflected the spray it must have cracked apart but it was like a bowl and deflected it all sideways. Not a drop on the roof just a ring around the car of blood spatter. In a perfect line. He fell over and slumped into the passenger seat his brains liquefied and ran into those expensive leather seats and soaked the floor. The carpet was still left so we pulled it out and found maggots and sludge. They had missed his jaw bone fragments. It was strange looking at his back molars they were beautiful. So white and perfect. Poor old fellow had developed dementia and was in a lucid period. he dressed himself up and rented the fanciest car they had and drove out there and ended it on his terms. Good for him. That car was never the same though. We did our best but the odor was embedded in the plastic. After scrubbing it we tried an ozone machine but to no avail.