The Strange Case of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B Cumpston

In early December 1873, a very strange event took place in Bristol, England. On December 8th, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B Cumpston traveled to Bristol for a brief vacation. They checked into a quaint hotel, thinking that they would have a restful holiday, but what took place was a bizarre occurrence that frightened and confused them so much that they were arrested for disorderly conduct.

Early that evening the Cumpstons heard unusual noises emanating from the vicinity of their room. They promptly reported the disturbance to the proprietor, who while having heard the noises, didn’t really think too much about it. Eventually, the Cumpstons retired for the night, but they awoke at around 3am when they once again heard the strange noises. As they leapt from the bed, the Cumpstons discovered that not only had the disturbing sounds returned but it also seemed as if the floor was eroding beneath them.

Mrs. Cumpston immediately cried out for help, but their voices had taken on a strange hollow quality that gave the impression that their shouts were being echoed by disembodied entities. As the floor opened up, Mr. Cumpston found himself being pulled toward the chasm, only escaping when his wife pulled him to safety.

The frightened couple exited through a window and ran away into the night thinking that criminals had broken into their room intending to kidnap them. They made their way to a railway station, where they caused such a stir that they were arrested for disorderly conduct.

When they appeared in court, the proprietor of the hotel testified that while she had heard some unusual noises, she had not perceived them as any sort of threat. During the investigation, the police examined the couple’s room but didn’t find anything out of order. The court eventually decided that the Cumpstons had suffered from a shared hallucination and they were allowed to go.

No explanation has ever been given about what actually happened to the Cumpstons. One theory involves the possibility of a portal opening to a parallel universe. The mystery remains unsolved.

Ok, maybe if it were just 1 of them claiming to see this weird shit I’d say hallucination, but not both. I’m not sure what they saw, But I’d say they were lucky to survive whatever the hell it was.

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