Leaving Neverland

So we all know the HBO documentary series that was recently released named “Leaving Neverland” it has 2 main parts then a third which was an Opra interview. If you haven’t watched the documentary please stop right now and do not read any further till you see for yourself.

It focuses on two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who allege they were sexually abused as children by the singer Michael Jackson. It also examines the effects on their families. The documentary resulted in a global backlash against Jackson and a re-examination of his legacy.

In 1993, Michael Jackson was accused of sexually molesting 13-year-old Jordan Chandler. He denied the claims and settled the civil case out of court for a payment of $15 million plus legal fees; the settlement included a nondisclosure agreement. No criminal charges were filed.[ In 2005, following further allegations, Jackson was acquitted of child sexual abuse.

I was born in 1994, a wild time for pop music. I myself have always enjoyed Michael Jackson’s music, as I’m sure most people did and still do. My family played his songs, he was always on TV doing events such as super bowl half time shows. Constantly in the media for his greatness and generosity especially towards children. So my entire childhood he was an idol to children and adults.

In the film, Wade Robson, Jimmy Safechuck, and their families describe their relationship with Jackson. Safechuck and Robson allege that Jackson sexually abused them at his home, Neverland Ranch, in California, and at Jackson’s apartment in Century City.

Reed described his film as “a detailed, four-hour study of the psychology of child sexual abuse, told through two ordinary families who were groomed for 20 years by a pedophilia masquerading as a trusted friend.

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Director and producer British filmmaker Dan Reed chose not to comment on Jackson’s actions or motivations and to leave the documentary “neutral”. He said: “I believe anyone who watches this film will see and feel the emotional toll on the men and their families.” Reed felt the four-hour length was necessary to present the story “in a way that makes it fully understandable in all its complexity”. He was unable to contact Chandler for the documentary and assumed that he would prefer to remain out of the spotlight.

Now after I watched even the first episode I was to say the least “SHOOK” I mean holy shit, this was so much more than what I remember as a child. Now if I’m honest I didn’t fully believe any of the allegations then or even years later because I was told they just wanted money. So I feel like we all kinda fed into the lies maybe because we truly didn’t want to believe this iconic man of music would do such awful things. I was totally unaware of the “grooming” he did to these kids and their parents. It was many years of coercing them and buying them things to make them feel special. Even the parents played a huge role in this, but it’s as if they were just as brainwashed as the children. I mean Michael was iconic even, loved by all so yeah he was easy to just believe and lets face it, it was better to be loved by him than to not be. He picked children with talent, at least the few that came forward were very talented. So as a parent I guess they thought this was helping their kids career and the family. It all seemed harmless maybe at first but I want to believe that if i were in their shoes I’d notice the red flags. Although I’d never wish to be in their shoes at all. It’s just astounding how much was actually kept under wraps and away from the media.

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Also what about all of Michael’s security and assistants? They helped him no doubt. Intentional or not, they would get someone to pick these children up and take them places and plan days for them. Let’s take into consideration the time period as well, for the longest time the word “pedophile” wasn’t a thing. So yes people had heard of it by the 90’s but you never think it’ll be your child especially when you trust this man to the end! It almost reminded me of the “Abducted in Plain Sight” her parents may have been a bit worse but still a family got brainwashed by a man. I know we all expect our kids to come forward with this type of information, but what if they just don’t understand. Kid’s learn new things everyday and are told to respect and listen to adults. So what if an adult you trusted and loved told you to do some weird shit, as a child you may think “oh this is just another new thing”. Sadly that’s what I feel like happened to these kids, most people don’t even fully understand they were molested or raped until years later when you learn about sex and the light bulb goes off. Even then for some of these kids they felt like they couldn’t say anything or their whole life was at stake. At least that’s what they’re told so that they keep their mouths shut.

It’s crazy to even fathom all the secrets they kept not knowing they had been manipulated by the man they adored most. They wanted Michael to love them, and it made them feel special. Just be sure your kids know when to speak up. Talk to them, I can’t think of a good reason way any grown man should be sleeping in the same room as my child NOPE! These men will be scarred for life because of this, I feel for the families who were lied to and used in this mess. We might not even know of any other boys who had similar encounters because even 20 years later now that it’s all public record and he’s dead it’s just hard to except. People are still defending Michael even after this aired (even though i feel like those people haven’t seen the show) they’re attacking the men and families. Some people just don’t want to deal with it and in this case I kinda understand. Hopefully there was no more abuse than whats been told. Worst of all is when Michael was accused again by a boy it was a cancer patient. This boys last wish from the “make a wish foundation” was to meet his Idol Michael Jackson. He tried to speak up but no one else backed him up at the time. He has since died, and of course couldn’t be on the documentary as the other two men.

Now this is a very touchy subject for a lot of people, not even just because we all loved Michael but for those who also know the horrors of abuse. Abuse of any kind can be traumatic, but sexually abusing children is the worst in my opinion. Children are raised to trust us adults and some people just take advantage of that. Some even go as far as to get a job that may even make children more accessible to them. I wish we lived in a world where this wasn’t the case, but over the years it’s become more noticeable. It broke my heart to hear these things about Michael and what he’d done. I almost sympathized because everyone always said how much of a kid he was at heart “because Michael didn’t have a childhood” I mean he did but maybe not one he wanted. Either way I couldn’t no matter how much I loved Michael I knew that he knew he was doing wrong. He repeatedly told these kids that if they spoke up both of their lives would be ruined and they’d go to jail. He was sure to win their trust over the years that’s for sure. His music in my opinion will still be legendary, not to say he probably lost some listeners but still.. If I’m truthful I don’t think anyone has to give up listening to his music to think what he did was awful. I mean it’s still everywhere, listen to any 90’s station and you’ll hear all your faves. Michael is long gone and dead (maybe killed by his doctor) who knows really. Reality of it all I think is to TRUST NO ONE! Especially a 30 something year old man trying to sleep in the bed with your son. I’m devastated after watching the series.

In addition to the two part HBO documentary there was an Opra interview she had with the men as well. To answer any questions you may have after watching the first two episodes I advise you watch this. She really dives into what this movie is really about. It wasn’t supposed to be about Michael at all, or money for that matter. It’s about learning about the grooming process of children, why they don’t/ can’t speak up. It’s drilled into their head usually by someone they love, and they don’t even know any better. Just watch it please and be aware of what your kids are doing and who they are with at all times. Put Michael out of the picture, and imagine another grown man doing these things. It just not fucking normal, now I see what I didn’t ever want to believe.

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Of course the Jackson family wasn’t happy about the interview Opra had and even wrote a letter expressing their feelings. She reads a portion of it on the show. Did his family really not suspect anything? or was it just ignored? We may never know but also he got away with it in the end.

As I said before please do not comment if you haven’t seen it all yourself. So RIP Michael, all these years later and he’s still the main topic. I know him being involved got a lot of media attention and the internet of course, but I hope we all take the proper message away from this. This isn’t about ruining Michael, he’s gone. This is about our kids being safe and knowing what to do and look out for, at least that’s what I’m taking away from this.