Missing Skelton Brothers

Eight years after three young brothers went missing from their Morenci, Michigan, hometown, questions still loom about their disappearance. On Thanksgiving Day 2010, Andrew, Alexander and Tanner Skelton left with their father, John Skelton, and were never seen again.

The boys’ mother, Tanya Zuvers, told Toledo 13ABC, “I have, for several years now, I guess, accepted the fact that my boys probably are not alive. I believe that John killed them.”

John is serving a 15-year prison sentence for unlawful imprisonment, having told investigators that he delivered the boys to an underground sanctuary. He has never been charged with murder.

Despite pleas from police, family and the public, John has never disclosed additional information about the boy’s whereabouts.

An Ohio newspaper reporter who has covered the case since it began has now released a book where he outlines what he alleges are gaps in the investigation and pinpoints an area where he believes the boys’ bodies may be found. Lynn Thompson, a reporter for the Bryan Times, said he is hoping his theories will bring a renewed interest in the case, as well as spark additional investigations.

When the boys were first reported missing, there were search teams for days, There were 500 to 600 volunteers walking wherever they could get to. The focus was getting the word out to find the boys, hopefully alive.

As time went on, Thompson, who believes the boys had been murdered, turned his interest in the case toward evidence and what had been done to bring closure to a grieving family and community.

“I started really digging into as much information as I could find and I found some gaps, and I wanted to bring those gaps to light so that they might be further investigated,” Thompson says.

Their father seems crazy, even now. He says sometimes that he gave them away “for their own safety”. I doubt this very much, if he cared about them and knew anything about their whereabouts he should fucking speak up!! I think they’re long gone, maybe he sold them or just wanted life insurance money. Who knows.. I still consider this to be unsolved, that mother has no idea where her three babies went. There was a break in the case last year because some bones had been found in a shed but nothing ever came of the evidence. If you have any information about their disappearance please contact your local police department.

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