Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

So the newest Ted Bundy movie Released on Netflix yesterday, I did tune in and to say the least I was disappointed. Not that I don’t love a good courtroom fight, I live for true crime. It’s the way it was hyped up to be. The trailers and previews made it seem like it’d be much more than his weird love story. Which again was cool to an extent, it shows just how manipulative he was towards these women. He really had people believing that he was innocent, even after they had tons of evidence and even eye whiteness accounts places him and his vehicle at the scene of the crimes.

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For some reason mainly his charm and good looks Bundy was able to manipulate these people (mostly women). Some would go even as far as saying “they loved him” not caring he was a SERIAL KILLER. Amazing what young women will do for a pretty face, considering most of them had never even met him before. I bet if he’d stuck around and been here today he’d be the next crazy cult leader. Charles Manson wouldn’t have shit on Bundy, bet. He had all the right tools for it honestly, he was a smart sociopath and he knew his way with words. He knew he was doing wrong and went to great lengths to cover up his crimes, and did get away with it for years. I think his good looks got him far in his killings for sure. I guess women just trusted he was just a regular guy.

What I’m really trying to say is… I’m pissed they didn’t show him killing anyone. I know it sounds awful, but I’m a huge horror fan and this movie was hyped up so much! The one tire iron scene shown in the trailer is the only real killing action seen. I guess I just expected a bit more blood and guts. I of course do love true crime so I do appreciate it for what it was. Do I think they need to make one that shows some actual killings, absolutely! Zac did do a solid job on the look alike and he definitely got the “hot guy” part down. This is just my take, I hope anyone reading has already seen it.

What are your thoughts?