Slaughterhouse Canyon – Kingman AZ

Legend has it that during the 1800s, a family lived down in the bottoms of Slaughterhouse Canyon.

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Times were hard and the father would regularly leave for weeks at a time in search of food, and possibly even gold; anything to keep the family fed and clothed. You can probably guess the first part of this tragic story: one time he left, and he never returned. Meanwhile, his wife and children were left alone in the canyon and they slowly began to starve. 

As with any canyon, if you yell loud enough, the echo will eventually make its way right back to you — and as the family began to wither away, their screams of starvation would circulate all around the canyon. Eventually (as the legend goes… ) the mother couldn’t bear to hear her children’s painful screams — and so she murdered them and then took her own life. 

Visitors to Slaughterhouse Canyon have reported feeling the anguish that still permeates the air. And on evenings and nights when the air is still and thick, it’s reported that you can hear the screams of the kids and of the mother as she made the tragic decision to end their suffering.

Luana’s Canyon (a.k.a. Slaugherhouse Canyon) is located just southwest of Kingman. Do you have what it takes to venture into this haunted canyon to see if you experience the uneasiness and the screams others have heard?