Kendall Manor, Eufaula

Construction on Kendall Manor began before the Civil War but it could not be completed until 1867. The Italianate mansion was built for James Turner Kendall but decades later, the home was used as an inn.

The house was built at great expense, totaling over $30,000 at the time.  The grandeur inside is apparent, with 18 ft ceilings throughout the home.  Baseboards in this house are 2 feet high! Double parlors are on the right of the house, and they have Italian marble mantels.

Kendall Manor stayed in the family for several generations, with grandson Dr. Kendall Eppes being the last family member to live here.

Legend says it is haunted by a woman named Annie, who acted as a nanny for the children in the home and was later the owner’s caretaker. Guests of the inn reported seeing apparitions on the porch and downstairs of a woman in Victorian dress and a little girl. Others claim to have seen the apparition of a man in a top hat in the parlor.