Family continues to search for Anniston missing man

It’s been four months since DeAngelo Allen’s family has heard from him. He was last seen in Anniston on Old Coldwater Road. Now, the Anniston Police Department says they believe his disappearance was involuntary, meaning he didn’t leave on his own. As his family continues searching for answers, they’ve worked out a plan to work with the police department.

Both the police department and the Allen family say there have been some communication issues during the ongoing investigation, but their main goal is to find DeAngelo.

His mother, Adisa Pruitt, says the last few months have been a nightmare. She’s asking anyone with any information to contact law enforcement.

Last week, the Allen family met with the Anniston City Manager and the police chief to discuss more transparency and assistance as the search for Allen continues.

Anniston Police Sgt. Jason Hawkins says they don’t have any updates in the case, but they are still following up on all leads they receive.

The family says Allen’s disappearance is taking a toll on them all, especially his children. His father, Derene Allen, says describes spending Thanksgiving and Christmas without his son as heartbreaking and unfair.

Anniston Police Chief Nick Bowles issued an apology last week to the Allen family. To see it and find out how you can share tips with law enforcement, click here.