In 1885, German businessman Balthasar Kreischer had a pair of Queen Anne mansions built for his sons. Within a decade, the senior Kreischer died, his brickworks closed, and both sons perished, Edward by suicide and Charles in a fire that destroyed his mansion. The remaining house was left empty until new owners turned it into a restaurant, and a mafia front before once more being left vacant, employing formerMarinee Joseph Young as its caretaker.

In 2006, Young was hired by the Bonanno crime family to kill Robert McKelvey, and he did so by strangling, stabbing, and drowning the man on the Kreischer Mansion grounds – before dismembering and burning the body in the furnace in the cellar. Rumor has it that the Kreischers haunt the residence, including a spectral woman who peers from the windows.

Today the Kreischer Mansion is back on the market and the ghost stories continue. With any luck the next tenants will have better luck than the last century’s worth of ill-fated inhabitants.  

Posted by Carrie Dean

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