His Lovers? Or His Victims?

This is creepy, at least I always thought it was. I was working in a big grocery warehouse, hundreds of people worked there, it was night shift, sitting in a break room at lunch with a couple of other guys trying to find something to talk about to stay awake.

I started talking about the best jobs I’d ever had. After a minute or so this older guy who never ever said more than a word or two at a time starts telling us about this nursing home he used to work at. He was in his 60s and he’d already been at this current job for 30+ years at the time, so his story took place when he was a young man (I surmised).

He was an attendant for this nursing home and he told us he used to have sex with many of the female residents. These were elderly ladies and handicapped people as well. He told us he’d usually get it on with at least one of them every night and they were all very grateful for his attention. He felt he was in heaven at the time.

According to him, some of the ladies he was involved with were in their 80s and all of them were very lonely. He said his favorite was a younger woman who had cerebral palsy or some nerve disorder. He said that although she couldn’t talk, he could tell she loved his attentions by the way she’d squirm and wiggle during sex. He told us he’d eventually been “let go” from this dream job but not for what reason.

When break was over and he left the breakroom me and the other guy sat there for a moment and I asked him if he’d ever heard that story before. He said, “Hell no, I’ve never even heard him talk that long about anything before.” The guy in question was always such a quiet guy and I switched back to day shift not long after that so I never talked about it with him again. But it really stuck in my mind in a creepy way. I think he BELIEVED what he said, but were these women his lovers or his victims?

What are your thoughts?