Ted Bundy CopyCat

A 25-year-old Ooltewah man who told police he had been reading about serial killer Ted Bundy and “wanted to be like him,” has been given a four-year prison sentence on an assault guilty plea.

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Tyler Benson had been charged with beating a known prostitute in the head with a hammer. Dismissed were charges of especially aggravated robbery, and patronizing prostitution. He appeared before Criminal Court Judge Don Poole.

An officer in June 2013 said he responded to a report of an assault at 1610 S. Willow St. He said he talked with Cynthia Denise Pittman, who said she had been picked up by a white male and taken near the Bojangles on E. 23rd Street. She said the man attacked her there.

Police said she had cuts on her arms, face and head. Ms. Pittman, 39, was taken by ambulance to Erlanger Hospital.

A few days later, Benson was seen driving around Highland Park in a red Chevy SUV. He was stopped and gave police a statement. He said he has been picking up prostitutes and trying to trick them into giving him free sex.

Benson said he had picked up Ms. Pittman and tried to rob her, but she began to fight back. He said he “did not like that she was fighting back and wanted her to be afraid and to do what he said.”

He said Ms. Pittman “was putting up a good fight” so he pulled out a hammer and began to hit her in the head. He said at one point he and Ms. Pittman were fighting over a knife.

Benson also confessed “to attacking a number of unidentified prostitutes in the same manner as Ms. Pittman.” He said he “enjoyed the power he felt” while beating the prostitutes. 

Here is where it gets really creepy.. This guy is out and about, no seriously. A lady who helps prostitutes get off the street was contacted by him, he said he found her number in an article. This woman received a phone call from Mr. Benson just a few days ago Monday January 28, 2019 he was seeking counseling and asked for her help since she helped prostitutes. She obviously was freaked out after she looked him up after the phone call (as she posted it on fb and that’s how I know of the call). Why he’s still trying to stick close to prostitutes after his jail time is beyond me. All I know is I’d watch my back in TN. Look him up on face book if you’d like, they couldn’t keep him locked up on a no murder charge. Let’s hope he doesn’t really try to be the next Ted Bundy..