Horton Mine – Nevada

The Horton Mine, found in the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest in central Nevada, has earned a sinister reputation after its closure and the odd events that followed.

Haunted Tunnel Horton Mine

The Horton Mine has been in operation since the 1800s, and is part of the massive and sprawling Victorine Mine. It has been abandoned for years, but somewhere along the way it earned the reputation for being one of the most haunted mines in the United States. And given the number of deaths that have been recorded in mines over the years, that’s a long list to be on top of.

The video you’re about to see was filmed in 2013 and again in 2014. A spelunker with years of experience exploring mines stumbled across it unexpectedly while checking out the Victorine Mine in Lander County. Horton Mine is located about 900 feet beneath it, at the bottom of a mountain, and was used to remove the mined ore from above.

As Frank, the explorer, approaches the mine he notices water flowing out from within it. He’s not sure how deep he’ll be able to go because of the water, but decides to proceed with caution. The ground is wet and muddy as he ventures inside and it feels unstable.

He slowly makes his way into the creepy mine, even though he felt uneasy about venturing very far. There were a lot of big heavy chains hanging from the ceiling of the mine. Keep in mind these are not chains that can be easily moved, possibly 40 pounds or more so they aren’t going to budge much if someone or something brushes against them. Not a bat or anything around should’ve made the chains move as they did. Watch the first video to see what I mean.

One year later, at the prompting of many who saw the video as well as his own curiosity, Frank decides to revisit his haunted tunnel. The water is still there and as he enters he points out the yellow ventilation tubing and the rusted, corroded webbing holding back rocks that could collapse at any moment.

He proceeds, but the mist inside the tunnel appears to get thicker and you can start to hear the sound of water flowing. As it turns out, the water is flowing down through the ore pass that connects Horton mine to the mine above.

His explorations are going smoothly until he hears something that again causes him to turn around and leave the mine as quickly as possible, this time vowing to never return to the haunted tunnel.

This man exploring the old mine doesn’t post paranormal videos or anything of the sort. So why fake this? Or how even? I’ve watched other videos about this exploration, some say they can decipher what sounds like to me a woman speaking over a intercom or loud speaker in broken english and also French police sirens can be heard inside the tunnel!! I can’t say for sure what the voice or voices are trying to say. You can definitely hear a lot of machinery moving around, when machines and people haven’t been near the mine in years.

This is what has been deciphered out of the noises in the video. This is not a fact just what others have done with enhancing the video.

“Why trespass?”

“Are you prepared to die?”

“Who are you?”

“You went too far forward, near us”

“Now Go”

Then the sounds of french police sirens can be heard. Watch it again, tell me if you hear it too or do you hear something else? Either way why the hell would anyone be in that mine trying to mess with this guy? The other noises are just as odd because obviously it wasn’t made by just an animal. This may be the creepiest mine visit I’ve ever seen, this particular mine definitely has some lingering spirits or something in that place. Either way I do not recommend that anyone visit this mine. Not only is it most likely haunted, but very unsafe for anyone to just be roaming around. The man filming this video did this as kinda a hobby and didn’t expect to really find what he did, even he was skeptical of going very deep because the roof could even cave at any given moment.

What are your thoughts?