Missing Judy Kennebrew – Help needed for search

Judy Kennebrew, 65, was last seen in the area of Jackson Lane in Tallassee, Alabama around 6:00pm on January 8, 2020. She is considered judgement impaired! She left her home walking. She is possibly wearing a gray or black dress slacks. Her dog also went missing with her. She has a small scar on the bridge of her nose, a square scar on her upper right thigh, and a burn/skin graft on top of her right hand. Anyone with information about Kennebrew’s location is asked to contact the Tallapoosa County Sheriff’s Office at 256-825-4264.

Kennebrew is 5 feet 3 inches tall and 170 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. She has a small scar on the bridge of her nose, a square scar on her upper right thigh and a burn/skin graft on top of her right hand.

She had no phone, no car and she is in need of her medications!

Judy Kennebrew

Tallapoosa County Sheriff’s Office, members of the Alex City/Tallapoosa County Rescue Squad and several local volunteer teams joined the searched surrounding Kennebrew’s home and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency searched by helicopter for the 65-year-old Tallassee resident.

Search teams are canvasing the wooded area strategically to conduct a thorough search for Kennebrew. They also had many K-9 units out searching a different wooded area to cover as much ground as possible.

According to Kennebrew’s cousin and search party coordinator, Willie Smith, Kennebrew would not have been physically able to travel very far on foot. “She could barely walk,” Smith said.

Her dog was missing and thought to have been with her, but then later appeared at a neighbors house on January 11th.

Kennebrew was known to walk in the area of Jackson Lane but according to family members she wouldn’t go farther. The area around Jackson Lane is heavily wooded with harsh terrain. If you get lost, you’re done

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I am one of many who aided in the hours long search for Judy this past weekend. This hits way too close to home, I know the area pretty well as I went to school and have lived in the Tallassee, Alabama area most of my life. We are a tight knit community, So word has spread quickly about her disappearance, and the details surrounding her leaving. We need more people helping to search! These thick woods are a lot to cover, and not enough law enforcement to help in the area. This is when the community has to step up and help! No it’s not easy hiking in these terrains but someone has to do it. We searched for hours as they have the days prior and found nothing.. In all honesty it was hard to look for anything other than what’s right in front of you. Some spots were so thick with brush I had to put my arms above my head and hope for the best. I came out with scratches and marks just by walking. I can only imagine what could happen to an elderly woman not dressed properly in these conditions. It was a lot of up and down hill for the most part (would’ve been difficult for an elderly woman to climb without hurting herself) also we saw a small creek she would’ve needed to cross over as well. Not to mention the huge gully’s she could’ve easily fallen in. All the things I’ve seen point to the worst conclusion of all, But I don’t want to loose hope.

What if someone picked her up and drove her somewhere else?? Remember she wasn’t thinking clearly and may have seemed fine to someone who wasn’t familiar to her. If so no one has come forward, so if you’ve seen her or heard anyone say they have please tell the police! Some people may be scared to come forward thinking they may be held accountable, but your words could help us find her! Any lead is better than nothing. This woman has a family that loves and misses her, help us bring her home please! Also please follow her Facebook Page and come help the search party if you are able. If you intend on helping search be sure to wear boots, jeans, a bright shirt or jacket. Be prepared because these woods are much worse than even I thought they would be.

Judy Jackson Kennebrew

Update: 1/22/20

The family is offering a $500 Reward for anyone that can bring Judy Kennebrew home safely! Please contact Kiki Kennebrew at 334-354-3952, the Tallapoosa County Sheriff’s Office at 256-825-4264.

As of today, Ms. Kennebrew is still missing and it’s been 2 weeks and 1 day since anyone last saw her. The search has officially been called off since yesterday. Then today her Facebook page is now asking for help searching again. Please if you are able contact the family or Facebook page and come help search for her. There is a pond behind the Advance Disposal building not far from Washington street where she was last seen. She may have fallen into the water or tripped just walking on her way.