Roosevelt Rankins Killed on Facebook Live

Officials say 34-year-old Roosevelt Rankins of Montgomery was shot and killed in the 2300 block of Stella Street Thursday January 23, 2020. He was recording himself on Facebook live when the incident occurred.

Roosevelt Rankins

First responders arrived on the scene around 3PM Thursday in reference to a person shot. There they located a crashed vehicle with Rankins inside with a fatal gunshot wound. Rankins was pronounced dead on the scene.

The initial investigation indicates that the shooting occurred in the 2100 block of Stella Street and the victim tried to flee the scene before crashing in the 2300 block. He was sitting around other people he seemed to know and be very familiar with. He seemed fine, was going to roll a blunt and smoke with either himself or the man who entered the car with him once he stopped.

As it was a facebook live video, anyone who is your friend can comment. Also Facebook usually notifies your friends that you went live so they can see what you’re up to. He starts to respond verbally to some comments, someone commented saying “someone is looking for you” he tries to play if off like he’s un bothered but then clearly starts looking around and acting nervous. You could see it in his eyes, some of the comments are hard to see now that the video is still up and there are thousands of likes/comments/shares now. The man in the car with him asks for some money. Then I guess to drown out his worries about the comments he turns up his music in the car. At minute 24:05 you can see in the back window someone pulls up beside his car. It sounds like they immediately started shooting, the victim put his hands up as a type of surrender. The assailant seemed to just keep shooting, but where was the passenger that had been seen beside him? It never showed him exiting the car, but I guess it’s possible that he did. You can literally hear this poor mans death gurgles as he lays in his car dying of multiple gunshot wounds. When he falls he seems to have fallen on the gas pedal or in a way where his foot pushed the gas. Which is why I do not think the car was parked completely. He then crashed near the murder scene. Nearly two minutes passes and then someone notices his car and you can hear someone who knows him say “stank, you ok?” “Don’t go!” Stank was his nickname to those who knew him. Sounds like two voices but the video goes black and we aren’t able to see much, but can hear Mr. Rankins say “I’m shot” the men who found him start screaming for help. They are asking what sounds like a woman maybe at a near by house to call the police and ambulance. The entire video is disturbing to watch to say the least. The man who found him was trying to keep him conscious saying “it’s Leroy, hang on Stank” “call the god damn police” then another what seems younger male voice approaches the vehicle and mumbles words I cannot make out. I don’t know how many people in total but I do believe there are many witnesses to this crime and some are afraid to come forward. A part of me feels like this is even a set up considering no one else was harmed. But in reality his facebook live video may have been what killed him, if someone was looking for him that video gave away his current location.

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The case is still under investigation. No arrests have been made at this time.

Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 215-STOP, Secret Witness at 625-4000, or MPD at 625-2831.

If you can stomach the entire video watch it before it’s removed. You’re smart, I’m sure you can find it if you really want to.

His name on Facebook was “Crum KIng” just a guy trying to smoke with what seemed to be some friends. No one deserves such treatment, if you know anything please come forward, if you’re scared leave an anonymous tip. The person responsible should be held accountable.