This photo shows what once was Lake Riesco in Chile. Admired by visitors for its pristine blue waters, the lake’s vast 1,400 hectare body completely vanished in a single night in May 2016, without leaving so much as a puddle.


The lake and its surroundings were environmentally stable. Less than a month prior to its disappearance, environmental surveys reported that nearby volcanoes were all inactive, and that the lake was receiving a healthy 3,000 mm of rainfall annually.

Image result for Vanishing Lake Riesco
before and after pictures

Since the lake’s disappearance, there has been no official explanation. Only local news outlets and fringe conspiracy websites have reported on its absence. Wikipedia does not even have an entry for the lake. In fact, its map of Chile omits its existence altogether. All the more eerie are online reviews from tourists who until recently delighted in its now forgotten shores.

I seriously just wanna know where the hell this lake went in one night..


Posted by Carrie Dean

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