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The Car Crash That Never Happened

“About 20 years ago, my sister, her husband and I had were driving back to her house, going just past a truck stop when an old man stepped out in front of us. Her husband, who was driving, slammed on the brakes and we all started freaking out because the old man had disappeared. My sister and her husband jump out, thinking they’d just killed the man, but there’s nothing there. Cop comes along and […]

Music Man

“I was living with my sister and she went away on holiday for a week so I had the house to myself. I was heading to bed and turned out all of the lights. I was laying in bed then I heard what I thought was a guitar being played so I head downstairs to see what the noise was. I found my guitar laying on the ground and picked it up and put it […]

I Went To High School With An Actual Witch

I went to high school with this girl named Elaine. My papa would have said she was “ugly as sin”- something I’d only heard him say about disfigured dogs. But he never met Elaine. I had no idea how that was possible, out here just outside the limits of Amish country where everyone knew each other, but he would swear up and down he never met her. Elaine hated me: because I was a Christian, […]

Don’t Go Into “Abandoned” Houses Man

I was 17 and had just gotten my license. Back in high school, my friends and I had made it a mission to find abandoned houses to throw parties in. We had a few good candidates, but the motherload was this house I would pass on my home from work. It was an undeveloped shell of a huge home with a large property in the back. I had told one of my friends about it […]

Banging On The Glass

My house sits farther back in the lot than most other houses. It is a strange lay out as well, the sidewalk runs the length of the living room and ends at the front porch, which lets into the living room. Large windows that do not open allow great light to get into the living room, but at the cost of no privacy. The rest of my family was on vacation, and having the house […]

Man Outside My Window

I had awesome parents who let me sleep in the living room on weekend nights when I was very young because my sister was a light sleeper and I could stay up until dawn. But of course I always end up sleeping on the couch because Nick At Nite made me tried. So, one night I wake up to the prickly feeling. Like an instinct. Just bolted into a sitting position and stared out the […]

Dead Body

A few years ago I was walking through the woods off the beaten track a bit and I smelt this really overpowering sweet smell. Being nosey I pulled back the undergrowth to have a look and found a dead body. The guy had clearly been there a while and wasnt looking great, all swollen and green and black with various runny bits. The local wildlife had also been dining well for a few days. I […]